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The Lakeshore South Community Association's

Mission & Vision

Lakeshore South Community Association

Approved December 19, 2000

Updated – Approved November 14, 2016




Our mission is to support all residents within the Lakeshore South Community Association catchment in working together to provide and maintain a community in which an improved quality of life is found.


Purpose: With that mission in mind, the Lakeshore South Community Association strives to:

Provide a forum in which all residents may voice their needs and concerns, and in which all residents can be confident that their feelings and opinions will be heard and respected;

  • Give residents a community-wide focal point from which they may celebrate what is good about our community, develop its strengths, and create a positive community identity;

  • Offer residents and community partners a framework in which they may discuss ways to strengthen our community; identify and obtain needed resources; and plan and execute community development projects, benefiting the individual and the community;

  • Model accessibility and inclusion in all our community activities out of an abiding commitment to the qualities, interests, skills, life experiences, and rich diversity of all residents thus benefiting the individual and our community;

  • To foster enthusiasm for community spirit and the sharing of personal skills and interests.

  • To encourage and support the development of leadership skills of our residents.

The Lakeshore South Community Association is a council of officials elected by residents of the Lakeshore South Catchment and Chairs of Committees approved by the Association. It will hold regular meetings that are open to all residents. All decisions of action and commitment of resources made by the Association shall be recorded and open to residents for input and review. The Association shall consist of no less than four elected officials who will hold their term for two years. Open elections shall be called annually.

It shall be the duties and responsibilities of the Association to:

  • Ensure that all activities remain consistent with the broad aims of the community and the mission of the Lakeshore South Community Association;

  • Manage outreach to, and recruit participation in the matters of the Lakeshore South Community Association from all community residents;

  • Build linkages to community partners for effective consultations on programs, projects and resources which may be applied to strengthening the community;

  • Maintain an inventory of the skills, abilities and interests of residents, and identify individuals and teams which may be asked to take the lead in executing community projects;

  • Maintain and carry out financial obligations of the Association.

Participation: All residents  living in the Lakeshore South Community Association catchment as defined in the City of Waterloo Affiliation Agreement are part of the broad membership of the Lakeshore South Community Association and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Hence all are eligible to receive the benefits and services of the Lakeshore South Community Association, as well as participate in its deliberations, planning and execution of activities.

The Lakeshore South Community Association serves the boundaries pictured below inside the orange dotted area

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