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The History of The Lakeshore South Community Association

In September 1997, residents of Sunnydale Place, Lakeshore Village, Family and Children's Services, The Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly and Cedarbrae Public School gathered at Cedarbrae School. They were concerned about the public misconceptions about the neighborhood and about safety as well as program needs for all the residents of Sunnydale. Negative media attention and high instances of police calls made Sunnydale a focus of attention by various agencies. Another group, known as Lighthouse and initiated by the Waterloo Regional Police Services with Waterloo Collegiate Institute, was also beginning to meet at various locations. This group focused on youth but had the same concerns and drive to create a safe community within Sunnydale. In March of 1998, the two groups agreed to join and formed the Sunnydale Community Association (SCA). General meetings were held regularly at either Cedarbrae School or the Christian Reformed Church. In April of 1998, the group formed a steering committee to create a Mission & Mandate Statement. In September of 1998, at the general meeting, it was approved and the Association became affiliated with the City of Waterloo as a neighborhood Association. The SCA began moving forward very quickly at this point. Partner organizations and agencies joined in to support the small but enthusiastic Council. With a vision that quickly formed into reality, residents and partners started working together to provide services and programming for the residents of Sunnydale. 

In September of 1999, the SCA partnered with House of Friendship and North Waterloo Housing Authority and as a result were able to hire a full-time Community Resource Coordinator and secure a townhouse to open a community centre. Another significant development occurred in March 2000 when Sunnydale was chosen as one of the three Safe and Sound neighborhoods in Waterloo Region. This resulted in the addition of a 20-hour/week facilitator whose responsibility would be to work with residents to demonstrate that crime prevention is best achieved through community development projects and initiatives.

Our catchment boundaries have since expanded to include a larger portion of the community. Currently we serve the community within Glen Forrest Blvd to Weber Street to Parkside Drive to Bearinger Road to Forrest Blvd and also Corrie Place, and the Albert Street Social Housing Complex. 

On March 12th, 2018, the new council voted to change the name of the community association to the Lakeshore South Community Association. After a year of attending various community events held by the SCA, other community organizations, and talking with a very large number of residents within our catchment (as well as an online survey), it was felt to be a necessary change to better reflect our broader community. 

Presently the Lakeshore South Community Association works closely with community partners to continue to provide relevant and vital programming through the Community Centre, and hosts events to pull the community together.

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