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coffee with a cop


Coffee with a Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together, over a cup of coffee,to discuss issues and learn more about each other. Most people care about the community where they live. Attending a Coffee With A Cop event is an easy way to get to know the men and women who serve your community and let them know about the issues that matter most in a positve, safe, relaxed and friendly environment. 

This is a great opportunity to establish trust between the community and our police officers and the Waterloo Region Police Services Department. 

The key to Coffee With A Cop's success is that it opens doors for interactions outside of the crisis situations that typically bring law enforcement officers and community members together. 

NO AGENDAS - Events are relaxed, informal and open for discussions about the issues community residents feel are important.

NO BARRIERS - One-on-one conversations between residents and their police officers are the best way to build trust and mutual goals for communities.

NO DISTRACTIONS - Radios and cell phones are off for the duration of the event so community members can have stress-free conversations with police officers.

Our next Coffee With A Cop event will be held on Friday October 19th, 2018

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